ATLAS Overview

ATLAS was started to address these unmet needs of our communities.

ATLAS is intentional about walking close to this world, connecting individuals and families in mentoring relationships with strong, mature Christians.

What we do:

We recognize that for people to grow, we cannot start where they should be; we must start where they are! We intend to meet people where they are and be a resource center that does the following activities:

  • Assess people's needs
  • Refer to professionals as needed
  • Share Jesus Christ and God's Word enabling positive and lasting change
  • Work with staff and members of local churches to develop strong mentoring relationships

Our Relationship to the Church

We work closely with churches in accomplishing our mission. We know that God calls Christians to move out of their complacency and serve. We have already seen many people respond to the challenge to become mentors, to share the love of Christ, and to model and teach the "instructions of life" God has given to us.