A dynamic movement is taking place in several communities.

Through mentoring and volunteer programs, ordinary people are helping their neighbors in transformational ways.

Each ATLAS office contains a picture of two people walking together toward a rising sun. Beneath the picture is the statement: "Helping others on the road of life." At the very heart of ATLAS is the question: "How can we help?"

  • Part One: Helping the Hurting - Explore what it means to love God and
  • others by walking with them on the road of life.
  • Part Two: Equipping the Saints - Celebrate the unique gifts God has given for enriching his Kingdom
  • Part Three: Uniting the Community - Catch a glimpse of what is truly possible through Christ when you love your neighbors as Christ intended.

ATLAS strongly believes that God has placed everything necessary for healing your community inside your community. That's why ATLAS recommends a three-fold approach to uniting a community and encourages you to work where God is working, keep your differences in perspective, and use your gifts.

ATLAS is a place where hurting people find comfort and relationships.

Here they can be introduced to Jesus and see His hands and feet in motion. Our prayer is that after reading this book, you will gain a clear understanding of what ATLAS is, and more importantly, you will recognize how God is working inside you to perfect what He has already begun.

"When reading about the story of ATLAS, it becomes evident that transformation is more than a mere word for these hurting and helping people. They are indeed in the act, process, or instance of transforming and being transformed. This book is a tale of deep and true transformation and how one transformation leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to ATLAS."

—Foreword by Ted Kallman Co-Author, Stark Raving Obedience